Glorious my eyes have seen
48 x 25 x 58 Inches
Microscope, microscope slides, monitor, glass table, clear acrylic chair, soil, grass seeds, computer, headphone, beakers, touch control lights, LED ball light, artificial snow, plant, flower petals, mini waterproof speaker, water, music note, candy.

In “Glorious as my eyes have seen,” I begin interacting with the work by putting Emily Dickinson’s words under a microscope – the most common scientific instrument that is used to study the world. “Mushroom is the elf of plants”, “Death: A dialogue between the spirit and dust”. These words are printed on slides too small to see with bare eyes, so the audience will need to spend time looking through  the lenses of a microscope to discover them, performing the same process as a scientist.

A monitor plays scenes of me going to multiple places in nature following Dickinson’s words. By doing this, I’m bringing her words from the past to the present, to the world we’re currently living in.  Mountain, forest, river, ocean… I touch the flowing water, feel the texture of mushrooms, look at the moons and stars, eat and rest with a sense of calm and appreciation.

On the shelf above the microscope, I placed water, soil, grass seeds, flower petals, artificial snow, a piece of music note, plants and candy in beakers based on Dickinson’s words. I placed a mini-speaker in the water and it played sounds of birds which follow Dickinson's verse, "my friend must be a bird." Below the shelf of beakers and the table with the microscope and words, I have a chair where people may sit with the flooring covered in soil where their feet would rest. The gentle grass and soil where one’s feet touch the ground can be seen through the transparent glass table. Together they form an environment that is contemplative, organic, quiet and subtle.

“You are the star”, 2023, Chashama, New York, NY
“Landscape: Constructed and Wild”, 2023, Site: Brooklyn, NY
“Nature & Technology”, 2022, Visionary Art Collective, Online