The butterfly of styx river

The butterfly of styx river celebrates human’s passion in pursuit of unconventional love. The artist intertwines her love trajectory with romantic stories from both eastern and western literary traditions. Her storytelling is underscored by her voluptuous artwork all handmade with wire, sequins, beads and other precious materials. In the beginning, this series of work was named as “Don’t be ashamed of love.” It includes four stories: No.1 Zao Lian, No.2 Sex, No.3 The Butterfly of Styx River, and No.4 Love God Don Juan. Through those stories, Weina attempts to map up the small image of a variety of contemporary love forms, not limited by gender, age, sexualities, and sexual activities. With a shared theme about insisting self against social norms, each story uncovers the inner struggles of those love chasers from different dimensions who seems fearless. The symbolic and theatrical video form also enables the artist to examine more subtle emotional layers. Through The Butterfly of Styx River, she celebrates self-assurance, devotion, tragic beauty in love.

Featuring: Yuhee Yang, Hongzheng Han, Xin Ying, Zack Fuller
Photography: Kai Wai Wong
Music: Dancing Lion - The Tune

No.1 Zao Lian (Puppy love)
14 x 55 Inch
Beads, sequins, wire, organza, leather, jersey

No.2 Sex
14 x 40 Inch
Beads, sequins, silk, wire, organza, fishing line, leather

No.3 The butterfly of styx river
35 x 78 Inch
Beads, sequins, wire, organza, jersey fabric

No.4 Love God Don Juan
32 x 63 Inch
Beads, sequins, sword, pearl, ribbons, wire, silk, white stocking, rose petals, leather belt, bells, white shirt