Hortus Residency Version

Into Orbit

6ft diameter circle

Metal music stands, hand drawn music sheets, Midi controller system, phone, music speaker, hexagonal box, conductive tape, aluminum sheets, silver glitter sand, acrylic ice cubes, Meteorite nugget, silver cup, coral rubble, Black Murex sea shell, white dove wing feathers.

Sound tracks:

1. Webb’s Cosmic Cliffs Sonification: Sky from NASA
2. Sandy beach calm waves sounds by JuliusH
3. Wind in trees by SoundsForYou
4. Antarctic wind by Pixabay
5. Emperor Penguin adults and chicks from Australian Antarctic Program
6. Leopard seal trills and whistles from Australian Antarctic Program
7. Steps in the woods from Pixabay
8. Footsteps in water by JuliusH
9. This day in weather history from Real Time NOAA weather radio audio files
10. Ultimate Saturn V Launch with Enhanced Sound from NASA
11. Rain sounds by DMD Production
12. Webb’s Cosmic Cliffs Sonification: Mountains from NASA

We orbit earth’s watered realm, guided by the stars above. Time’s circle governs us, connecting all in a fleeting dance. Each of us a part of this symphony, intertwined within the boudless circle of existence.

As the conductor, I guided the performers in activating the sound in a counter-wise direction. The sequence of the performance reflects the history of the Earth, starting from the progress through the stage of glaciation, the existence of land animals, the emergence of humans, the development of modern science, and finally returning to the beginning when earth was but a watery orb adorned by the stars.

The piece also functions as a sonic installation that welcomes everyone to explore.


Ellen Carpenter
Perishan Huang
Zoe Schwartz
Silvia Muleo
Shuai Yang

Video recording and photos:

Sunhong Park
Jingyi Gao

“You are the star”, 2023, Chashama, New York, NY
Hortus Arboretum and Botanical Gardens Residency, 2023, Stone Ridge, NY